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How to find a roommate in Malta? 🕵️


Your home is your safe place, your sanctuary. Sharing it with someone can be stressful and disrupt the balance. Finding the perfect match is not always easy. We want to help you find a roommate in Malta, choose the right people to share a flat with. Remember, because of the strict lease agreements in Malta, you might have to share a home with someone for longer than you’d want to. Anyone can seem cool for a short time, but to get to know someone and make the right decision, you have to ask the right questions. Here’s a list of questions to ask when looking to find a roommate in Malta (in no particular order).


Are you in a relationship? 💑 👩‍❤️‍👩 👨‍❤️‍👨

This one is more important than you’d think! Living with people who have a significant other half-living at your place might not be something you’d sign up for. Ask them how much time they would be spending at your place, or at the partners. If you think you could cope with your new roommate in Malta having a partner, make sure to set some boundaries to avoid misunderstandings. It is best to do it in the very beginning as part of your house rules.


Are you dating right now? 💘

If you prefer not to share a space with someone’s other half, you mos def won’t want to meet strangers in your kitchen, eating your leftover pizza every other night or wearing your bathrobe while casually hanging out on your couch. Not to mention all those awkward sex noises coming from their room and disturbing your beauty sleep. Ask your future roommate what their dating habits are, no matter how awkward the conversation is, it is best to have it right in the beginning.


Do you have a job? 💰

It’s always good to know the financial status of your flatmates. Or at least, that they’ll be able to pay their part of the rent. It might be tricky to ask someone about their finances, but at the same time, it is a very reasonable thing to do so. Your new roommate in Malta will also have the right to know your work status. You could even go through the expenses together, just so all parties are aware of the upcoming costs.


How often do you clean?

The cleanliness and tidiness of a new roommate are one of the most important factors to consider when choosing the right match. We all know that having different needs will be the culprit of arguments, frustration and stress. To avoid all the future headaches, your needs have to align when it comes to cleaning. First, discuss how you want to do things, and set up a schedule to hang it in a common space.

Keeping tidy is important when sharing with roommates


Why are you looking for a place/or find a roommate in Malta? 🇲🇹

This might be a weird question; however, it is an important one. There is a good chance that the reason is nothing special, but it might reveal that your soon-to-be roommate had issues living with others. Be it their fault, or the ex-roommates, you can learn a lot from the answer. It is just a #goodtoknow!

how to find a roommate in malta friends


What do you do in your free time? 🍾

We all use free time differently. You should know what your flatmate will be up to in their free time. It might be that you’ll spend some quality time together! But it can also be a disaster if your habits are entirely different. Don’t be afraid. Learn about their habits and be open to sharing these details about yourself as well.

find out your roommates interests


How do you spend the evenings/are you a night owl 🦉

Netflix on the couch, practising singing or wild cooking marathons… you should know! Evenings might be the time when you do your homework, relax, prepare for the next day. If you want to relax, you have to know how your roommate wants to spend the evenings.

How does your roommate like to spend their evenings


Do you drink/smoke? 🚬

It’s good to clarify from all sides, as this might change the dynamics or cause some arguments in the future. In case your new flatmate is a smoker, you can set up a designated smoking area on the balcony, and make sure they take care of the buds.

roommate smoke and drinks


Do you like the actual area of Malta? 🌴

Is it a quiet place in the Three Cities area (Senglea, Bormla, Vittoriosa, or Kalkara)? Is it located close to Paceville? Is it in the midst of the office complexes or Sliema? From the answer, you will be able to tell a lot about the personality of your future roommate in Malta. We’d all prefer living with someone who has a positive mindset, especially about the area they’re moving to, what the purpose of the location is. From the reply, you can also decide if you should start planning some quality time with your new roomie.

Find a roommate in Malta area to live in


Are you looking for a long- or short-term stay in Malta? ⏲️

Most contracts restrict the time of stay to long- or short-term stay. If you have options, it is best to question your soon-to-be roomie. This way, you’ll be able to plan things and know if you can rely on the people you’ll be living with. Knowing how long your new roommate in Malta will be part of your life will grant you peace of mind.

find a roommate in Malta and live together for a long time


That’s it, folks! We hope these questions will help you meet your match, and find a roommate in Malta.

P.S.: Use this list at your own risk.