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Non-Discrimination Policy



Sourcified is an open community that aims to bring together people and services from around the world. An open community is diverse and allows people of all backgrounds and cultures to participate.

Our aim is to create a community where all types of people can feel welcome and respected no matter where they come from.

While we acknowledge that harmony can not always exist between certain groups, we strongly believe that empathy and understanding can enable a positive, healthy and prosperous community - going beyond legislations and law-making. This way we can all co-exist and learn from each other and help one another. For this purpose we want all, including the people at Sourcified and members of our platforms to read and act according to our Non-Discrimination Policy, to strengthen our community and make everyone feel welcome and enable everyone to participate.


Our Non-Discrimination Policy elements:

  • Age
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Ethnicity/Nationality
  • Disability/Medical History
  • Marriage/Civil Partnership
  • Pregnancy/Maternity/Paternity
  • Gender Identity/Sexual Orientation


Sourcified prohibit discrimination against Members based on age, race, religion, ethnicity/nationality, disability/medical history, marriage/civil partnership, pregnancy/maternity/paternity, gender identity/sexual orientation or any other characteristic protected under applicable law. Such discrimination includes, but is not limited to, refusing to provide or accept services based on any of these characteristics. Any Members found to have violated this prohibition will lose their access to the Sourcified platform.

We ask Members to contact Sourcified of they have any questions regarding their responsibility to operate under Sourcified Non-Discrimination Policy.

In addition to above, we urge all members of the Sourcified platform to always think and act responsibly. Common sense and courtesy goes a long way!

In addition to above, we urge all Members to always act welcoming. Sometimes you might have rights according to local laws to deny a potential guest, remember that no one likes to be turned away and feel unwelcome. Try to always act politely and respectfully. In regards to this, Sourcified reserves the right to suspend the accounts of Members who repeatedly deny guests (even if they have the right to do so) because this type of behavioral pattern undermine our community’s strength and goals of attracting potential guests and our aim to include everyone.


What happens if a member don’t follow our Non-Discrimination Policy?

If a listing features content that breach our Non-Discrimination Policy we will ask Members to remove this content and confirm that he or she understands and agree to act in accordance with this policy and principles our community is built upon. Sourcified reserves the right to suspend Members who continuously fail to comply with our Non-Discrimination Policy.

Always remember, on the Sourcified platform everyone should feel welcome and respected, Sourcified and our community expects that everyone share this view.