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To Flatmate or not to Flatmate: Share a flat or live alone in Malta? 🤔


Is this the first time you are considering moving into a new place in Malta? Are you unable to decide between living alone or share a flat? To help you decide, we collected the pros and cons of living alone or share a flat with others. Before jumping into it, keep in mind that we are all different and have specific preferences. Both living with someone or being alone in an apartment have their pros and cons. Having experienced both ways of living, and considering the general perception of these type of living arrangements, this list should serve as inspiration in the decision-making process. If you do arrive at a decision of wanting to live in a flatshare, you can use Flatmate to find your new home!


Share a flat - the ultimate dream? 💭

In this section, we listed the three best things about share a flat with others. Here are a few of the many reasons why living with people is the best thing ever:


You save a ton of money 🤑

When you choose to rent a room, it will obviously be cheaper than renting a whole apartment alone. Not only you’ll be paying much less in living expenses, but you’ll be sharing other costs, such as the internet, streaming platform, and utility bills. The deposit will be divided as well, and if anything happens in the flat, you’ll have other people to help you fix things.

You can also choose to cook bigger portions of food together with your flatmates, this way you can also save money on groceries.

share a flat and save money


You have someone to talk to 👄

Share a flat, living with people, and building relationships means that you’ll always have people you can rely on. You can discuss daily happenings, issues, and you’ll have someone to count on when you get sick or you need something. If this is the first time you live apart from your family, sharing a flat with roommates can also help you to transition into living alone at some point. 

It’s somewhat like living with your brothers and sisters: sometimes you’ll find each other extremely annoying, but at the end of the day, you are family.

More social to share a flat


Sharing responsibilities 💁🏽

We all get sometimes lazy, and not all of us love cleaning. Living with others means that you bear the weight of chores together. If you have an agreement (schedule) with everyone in the house regarding household chores, you’ll have a much easier time with cleaning, laundry, and other daily tasks. Besides, in case you are travelling for a while, you’ll have someone look after your plants, etc.

share the chores in a shared flat



Living alone - is it for you? 💃

Being by yourself can be a scary thought, especially if this is your first time moving to a new place. We collected some things you can expect when being on your own.


Peace and quiet ☮️

Maybe for the first time in your life, you’ll be totally alone. There won’t be anyone making noise or asking you to do something. You will be able to do exactly what you want, be it watching a movie, dancing around naked, or just lying in bed and scroll through social media all day long. No one will bother you, judge you or tell you to do something. You will truly be in control over your life, including daily tasks, responsibilities, and work.

achieve zen


Total freedom 🛀

Planning a date, and you’d like to end up at your place? You won’t have to ask anyone if it is ok! Want to put up posters of your childhood crush? Go ahead! You have total freedom to do whatever you want in your space. (Of course, you have to consider the house rules. Don’t drill holes in the walls if it is forbidden by your landlord.)

free to date and bring people over


Occasional loneliness 📗

This might sound like something negative, but you can interpret it however you want to. Having no one around might make you feel a bit lonely from time to time. However, this can also push you to meet new people and build new relationships. And being a bit lonely can be good for you. You can turn inwards a bit, listen to your body and mind. You can do whatever feels right for you, the biggest perk of being on your own - something that is more difficult when you share a flat.

lonely is not always bad


Okay… so what should you do - share a flat or not? 🤯

We can’t tell you what to do, but we can provide you with some information about why it is cool to live with other people and share a flat. Or why living alone is a good idea. If you are playing with the idea of flatmates and found a cool room, but you are unable to decide, here’s what you can do. Meet up with your future flatmates a few times. Go for a walk, to the beach, or share a pizza in the park. This will help you see if the chemistry works between you and the others in a potential flatshare. This is an important part of your decision-making, as most likely, you’ll have to stick by your decision for the next 6-12 months period. Choose wisely, and select the option that feels best for you!