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Renting for the first time in Malta (Part 2)

Even if you are only moving a short distance or you don't have that many things, the process of moving can still be stressful. Especially if you're renting for the first time in Malta.

Consider reading this article if you want a comprehensive list for moving.


Moving Options

There are plenty of options when it comes to moving your things from point A to point B. You can use your own car, borrow a car or rent a car. You could even use a taxi and advise that you have things to move, if you tip the driver he will probably help you load and unload the car even. Bus is another cheap option but not recommended in Malta considering that the buses are normally very crowded.

You also have the option of hiring a moving company in Malta. AGS Movers is a furniture removal company in Malta, via their website you can get a free quote. They can help you move a sofa or full range of furniture and there are no hidden fees - you will be hiring professional movers.


Apartment Inventory List

We strongly recommend that you go through the apartment you are moving into together with your landlord or flatmates, check what items are in the kitchen, living room and so on. Create an apartment inventory list. This will help you avoid disputes with your landlord or flatmates when it's time to move out.

If there already is an apartment inventory list then go through everything carefully and update the list accordingly. If the landlord claims that something is missing when it's time to move out but it's not listed in the apartment inventory check list it will help settle the dispute since everything in the apartment should be on that list.

When you are going through the apartment make sure to take photos to support the information in the inventory list. Take a picture of any damages that are not documented.

When you are satisfied with the inventory list you can sign off on it. If there is any incorrect information or discrepancies make sure to work it out before signing.


Document Meter Readings

Upon moving in you should take a note and photo of water and electricity readings. Do this in accordance with landlord to make sure you have the same accurate readings. This will ensure that you are able to track your consumption and pay only for what you are using. To double check that the bills you get from your landlord is accurate you can check out


Update Your New Address

Don't forget to update your address in Malta. You do this with identity Malta. You should also update your bank or other financial provider and employer so they have up-to-date records.


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